Snoop Dogg to Debut 'GGN' Podcast as 200th Episode of Web Series Nears

Snoop Dogg

If you think Björk has reason to complain, may we present Snoop. The D O double G is currently tied with Brian McKnight for most nominations with out a win: Sixteen. Our advice? Wear it like a badge of honor, Snoop. Woof!

The artist is also hosting musician on the 200th episode of the web series.

Snoop Dogg is celebrating the 200th episode of YouTube series GGN with a new podcast and a special guest. 

On Tuesday, March 10 the rapper is introducing the GGN podcast on iTunes. The first episode will be a full length, uncut version of GGN's most popular episode, which features Seth Rogen and Snoop recapping Game of Thrones.

Snoop is also hosting musician on the 200th episode of the web series. The friends will discuss's musical journey from his roots to fame with the Black Eyed Peas. 

Snoop started the weekly GGN — which stands for Double G News — as part of his WestFestTV YouTube channel launched in 2011 in collaboration with Cashmere Agency, which handles creation, execution and production. GGN features Snoop as the host of a fictional news. Snoop notes that some of his favorite classic shows reached — including The Jeffersons and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — reached 200 episodes and he's proud of reaching the milestone with GGN

"This is huge for GGN," he says. "We started this as an idea nearly four years ago. I knew my fans would be into it cuz nobody was giving them that hood perspective. No matter who the guest is on the show, people know that Nemo Hoes is gonna ask the real questions and get real answers. That uncut raw realness is why today we join the ranks of The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Adds Ryan Ford, exec vp and chief creative officer at Cashmere Agency: "Snoop has been a tremendous partner throughout the years that we've been working together on GGN. That's why we are so proud to unveil our 200th episode featuring our friend This is a real achievement in the online content space — 200 straight weeks of compelling content from an entrainment icon."

Watch the full 200th episode here: