Snoop Dogg Gets Tattoo of Nate Dogg

He debuts it on Saturday -- the day of Nate Dogg's funeral.

Snoop Dogg debuted a tattoo in honor of his friend Nate Dogg on Saturday -- the day of Nate Dogg's funeral.

The ink, on Snoop's forearm, shows a photo of Nate with the phrase "All Doggs go to Heaven" written in script. "Tha tattoo u been waitin 2 c. My bro Nate Dogg by @Misterctoons," wrote Snoop Dogg on his Twitter page with a photo of the tattoo.

Snoop and Nate Dogg (real name: Nathaniel Dwayne Hale) collaborated with Dr. Dre on a number of songs, producing one of his most well-known lyrics, “Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day.”

Snoop was among those who paid tribute to Nate Dogg when he died earlier this month at 41 from stroke complications.

Snoop Dogg and Warren G were also among the 1,100 mourners who showed up for Nate Dogg's Saturday funeral, held in a dome that once housed Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose airplane in Long Beach, Calif.