Snoop Dogg Leads Peaceful Rally for "Dialogue" Down to LAPD Cadets' Graduation

Snoop Dogg - GETTY - H 2016
Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

"This is how you make moves, man."

Snoop Dogg and The Game on Friday led a peaceful rally in downtown Los Angeles, with the group's final destination being LAPD headquarters, where the newest class of cadets was graduating. 

"This is how you make moves, man. This is how you get the understanding, get some dialogue with the new recruits before they hit the streets," Snoop said in a video posted to Instagram

The rally, with an unknown number of participants, comes on the heels of two black men in different states being shot to death by white police officers. In both cases, the deceased did not appear to be brandishing a weapon when they were killed. 

Following those deaths, five police officers in Dallas were gunned down Thursday night by a 25-year-old suspect who, before he was killed by police, said he was retaliating for the recent killings of black men by white officers. 

A request for more information from Snoop's rep was not immediately returned. 


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