Football Cleats in the Club? Snoop Dogg Approves

Marc Flores
Snoop Dogg

That's one way to wear the rapper's Adidas "Money" cleats.

Plastered in hundred dollar bills and featuring shiny gold spikes, Snoop Dogg’s "Money” football cleats — also emblazoned with his iconic “Gin and Juice” lyric, “Money on My Mind” — are great for the obvious activities: “having a good time scoring touchdowns, making tackles and doing what [football players] do,” the rapper tells The Hollywood Reporter at Thursday evening’s premiere of Adidas' new skateboarding film, Away Days.

But if you don’t happen to find yourself on the field anytime soon that’s OK, there’s always the club. “One of my homeboys, he don’t even play football and he bought a pair of the shoes and he wear them in the club. So that just shows you that the shoe is doin' what it’s supposed to do. We bring flavor to the table.”

The rapper, whose partnership with Adidas is going on five years strong, has brought more than just flashy, club-worthy cleats to the equation. His skate shoes, too, have been sellout favorites — even in a market saturated with hip-hop sneaker collaborations (Adidas alone has partnerships with Pharrell and, of course, Kanye West's Yeezy). The 47-year-old’s unique edge, however, stems from his relationship to the athletic brand’s prolific history with the world of hip-hop.

“I’m a rebirth of the Run-D.M.C. era," he says. "Run-D.M.C. were the first ones who brought Adidas and hip-hop and culture together, so it’s an extension of that." His partnership, then, was a natural one. “One day when Adidas said ‘we want to put Snoop Dogg on our team’ — then it was like a magnet.”

That being said, the crowd gathered outside of The Orpheum theater for Thursday evening’s premiere was a testament to Snoop’s influence beyond the fans of the ‘90s rap scene. Hundreds of skate boys — identical with their shaggy hair, tight-pants and, of course, killer skate shoes — lined up around the block to catch the skate film's premiere (hosted by Snoop himself) as well as a special performance by House of Pain.

“I’m a part of the Adidas family and they’re putting out a great movie, a great skate movie with some of the greatest skaters in the L.A. area and the L.B.C. area, so I gotta support them,” he said of his involvement with Away Days (available for purchase on iTunes on May 30 and on YouTube for 24 hours on May 29), which stars famous skaters like Dennis Busenitz and Benny Fairfax.

Snoop’s ties to skateboarding culture are deeper than simply his relationship with Adidas. It just so happens that the rapper counts skateboarding legend Mark Gonzalez among his close friends, and even has a special skate shoe collaboration with Gonzalez coming later this year. “Mark is creative as a mothaf----,” said Snoop. “He’s not just by the book. He usually adds so much flavor that flavor is drippin' off the shoe.”

The rapper was unable to comment further on the details of the secret collaboration, so in the meantime, fans will simply have to rely on Snoop’s constantly updated social channels (nine Instagrams in 24 hours is not uncommon) to find out the details of all the projects he’s got up his sleeve — from new music to his web talk show, GGN, to his upcoming football docuseries on AOL, Coach Snoop.

Although he's super active on Instagram, Snapchat might just be his most entertaining medium. Post-party, the rapper took advantage of the "Friday the 13th" filter to add a bit of color to a video of himself smoking a blunt while folk music played in the background. The Snapchat master's tips for the best snaps? “You know, I suggest that you do you, whoever you are. Don’t be like no one else, be original. Create your own fan base and your own understanding of the people.”