Snow job for Berlin-bound from U.K.

Delays, lost luggage plague Heathrow travelers

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BERLIN -- The Berlinale doesn't have an official airline partner like some of the other major movie shindigs. But if it did, festivalgoers would unlikely to want it to be British Airways.

The U.K. airline and its main hub at Heathrow Terminal 5 were found severely wanting Tuesday on the first full day after Britain suffered disruption caused by the largest snowfall in 18 years.

Festivalgoers and market attendees bound for Berlin arrived at the airport to find themselves faced with chaos as the knock-on effect of closed runways, canceled flights and heavy snow the previous day took their toll.

It meant hundreds of attendees were grounded as several flights from midmorning onwards to Berlin were canceled and customers tried to rebook onto alternative flights.

Wannabe market attendees from Los Angeles and the Far East found themselves having to wait until the following day to travel and for others who made it to Berlin, well they arrived without bags.

Others flew to alternative destinations such as Copenhagen and Frankfurt -- simply to get out of the U.K. -- to pick up connecting flights or trains to make it here.

This year's EFM will likely start for some attendees sporting snappy new outfits as they await the fate of their luggage, which remains lost somewhere in Terminal 5.

BA, meanwhile, blamed everything on the weather.