Snow White vs. Evil Queen: Charlize Theron

"Snow White and the Huntsman's" makeup artists face off in the creation of two dramatically different looks.

Makeup artist Shane Paish, who has worked with Theron on- and off-screen for 11 years, had to contend with a last-minute request when conceiving Queen Ravenna's villainous appearance. "The studio decided to keep her character blond," says Paish, who had planned the makeup around the queen being dark-haired, as in the fable. "This made a huge difference when it came to creating a strong, evil look." Paish focused on a smoky eye, layering Dior shades of dove, charcoal and metallic gray with black liner ("hard, contoured lines added drama") and double coats of volumizing mascara. "She has extremely high-arched eyebrows, too," says Paish. A nude lip and porcelain complexion completed the cold, calculated look for Snow White's nemesis.