Soccer Star Robbie Rogers and Stylist Warren Baker Are Launching a Denim Jacket Collection

Robbie Rogers - H 2015
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Think vintage, embroidery, suede and cool linings.

Best friends Robbie Rogers and Warren Baker are teaming to launch a denim collection featuring a classic men's wardrobe staple — jean jackets. 

Rogers, a standout on the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, broke the news to The Hollywood Reporter about the new line which they've dubbed Hampton and Baker. Stylist Baker's clients (according to his stylish Instagram account) include such hip actors as Miles Teller and Evan Peters.

Here's what Rogers said: "We’re launching in the spring and we’re producing the line locally, all here in L.A. We're working with embroidery and suede and great linings on the inside. I love the idea of great washes and good fits. It's starting small, but it's a great creative outlet for both of us. We're hoping to launch it in late winter or early spring."

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As for the inspiration behind the line, Rogers revealed that it stems from their love of vintage denim jackets and vintage Hollywood stars.

"I love the look of Levi's jackets and I've collected them," he explained. "And if you look throughout history, the best-dressed men have always worn a great denim jacket and there are iconic shots of the most handsome, beautiful men in these jackets."

If you don't live in L.A. and are currently bracing for the freezing season about to come, you might want to skip this next quote. You've been warned.

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"Plus, you can wear denim jackets to events, out to dinner, to work, wherever. For L.A., it's a perfect staple to have in your closet because you can wear them year-round because it's never too cold here. You can always wear one," Rogers smiled. And he's right. (Sorry New Yorkers!)