Sochi: Russian Cops 'Get Lucky' at Olympics Opening Ceremony (Video)

Members of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs choir got their groove on to the Daft Punk hit.

Who says Russians can't rock out?

Whether inspired by the global attention -- or local vodka -- members of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs choir were the life and soul of the party during Friday's opening ceremony in Sochi as they sang Daft Punk's hit "Get Lucky."

Dressed in their brown and gold uniforms, many of which were emblazoned with medals, the cops energetically danced to the French duo's electro-pop beats and paired it with some very hip hand moves. 

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In a Winter Olympics opener that was marred by a broken light, which resulted in only four of the five rings lighting up, and has been soiled by anti-gay sentiments in Russia, the happy group were a bright spark for the host nation.

The singers are members of the Russian Red Army Choir, and this is not the first time they've performed their favorite techno song. A YouTube video from November 2013 shows a very professional performance from the troupe, led by one of their most decorated members.

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There is no word yet on what the silent robotic duo think of their Eastern European admirers.

The official broadcast of the 2014 Winter Olympics airs Friday on NBC at 7:30. EST.