Sochi: Russian Police Choir Reprises 'Get Lucky' Olympics Performance on Monday's 'Today'

The Russian police choir performing on Monday's "Today"

The group's conductor also discusses their opening ceremony rendition of the Daft Punk song becoming a YouTube sensation.

The Russian police choir that became an Internet sensation with their cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" ahead of Friday's Olympics opening ceremony reprised their performance of the hit on NBC's Today Monday morning.

Today's co-hosts and a few Olympic athletes joining them on Monday's show danced during the choir's performance.

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The group was also interviewed by the Today hosts and Meredith Vieira, who quizzed the choir on the song's suggestive lyrics.

"Do you know what the lyrics mean?" Vieira asked after reading the lyrics to them: "She's up all night 'til the sun/ I'm up all night to get some/ She's up all night for good fun/ I'm up all night to get lucky."

Through a translator, the group said they understood the slang but wouldn't say the words.

Vieira pushed further, though, asking when they last "got lucky," with the group saying that it was before the Olympics.

VIDEO: Russian Cops 'Get Lucky' at Olympics Opening Ceremony

"Before Sochi because the general says it's not allowed and that our luck is here in Sochi," the group said through their translator.

The group's conductor, Gen. Viktor Eliseyev, said the group performs roughly 200 times a year but have yet to do so in the U.S. He added it's his "greatest dream" to perform in the U.S.

As for the group's YouTube popularity after Friday's performance, the general said, "It's a great surprise, and we're very, very pleased."

The police choir also performed a cover of Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb," captured in this Instagram video posted by Today producer Jennifer Long.

They also posed for photos with athletes and Today's co-hosts.

Watch the group's full performance of "Get Lucky" on Monday's Today here.