'The Social Campaign' Movie Planned for Presidential Season

Courtesy of Winterstate Entertainment

The movie, which tackles controversial topics like abortion and gay marriage, is being written and directed by Hamid Torabpour.

Hoping to capitalize on the hype surrounding 2016’s presidential campaign — and the inevitable disappointment some voters will feel at the lack of viable candidates — an independent production company is planning a $2 million movie called The Social Campaign.

The movie is from Winter State Films in Minnesota, which raises money from investors eager to boost local businesses, and at least a portion of the filming will take place in the state.

Winter State’s most recent movie is a melodrama called To Say Goodbye, which is seeking a distribution partner.

The filmmakers have theatrical ambitions for The Social Campaign, which they say is non-partisan, though political, and obviously timely given the country will be choosing a new president a few months after the planned release of the movie.

“Both Republicans and Democrats have let America down and Americans are deeply disappointed with the political leaders,” said writer-director Hamid Torabpour. “This movie deals with the aftermath of that debacle as the American political system is revitalized by a complete novice who uses social media to launch an improbable campaign.”

The plot of The Social Campaign has history teacher Kevin Kash inadvertently entering the race for U.S. president as a result of a school project run amok. When social media explodes in support of his independent candidacy and it appears he could actually challenge the establishment candidates, the Democrat and Republican machines set out to destroy him – in part by leaking the details of his daughter’s abortion.

Besides that hot-button issue, the movie will explore gay marriage, campaign finance and other controversies sure to be in the news and discussed in myriad presidential debates in the middle of next year.

The movie has not yet been cast.

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