Social Media Research Firm Fizziology Launches in U.K.


The company will provide information on U.K. buzz to entertainment companies and brands.

LONDON - Social media research firm Fizziology has launched a research arm for the U.K. to provide new geographically-focused information on social media buzz to entertainment companies and brands.

The company uses sentiment analysis to track audience opinions on a movie or TV shows based on what people share on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Based on its work, it also provides box office predictions, advertising analysis, guidance on casting decisions and other things.

While social media trackers typically collect global data, Fizziology uses a three-layer language and geo-location approach to capture only U.K. social media conversations. "Fizziology is able to deliver U.K.-based intelligence to help studios, networks and brands better determine how to craft their marketing strategies for the U.K. without the noise of additional markets," the company said.

It plans to launch similar services in other international markets as well.

"Every market is a little different," explained Ben Carlson, president and co-creator of Fizziology, the need for geographically targeted data. "Different characters and storylines or lines pop in different markets. And some programming only airs in one. This gives us the ability to parse it and provide a much truer look for decision makers who are making or marketing the show."

The company provided a recent example of a show that ended its season in the U.S., while it was still in full swing in Britain.

“For example, when analyzing conversation around a TV show like The Newsroom, we can determine which social media conversations are taking place amongst the U.S. audience versus those that occurred in the U.K.,” said Jen Handley, COO and co-creator of Fizziology. “With the trend towards same-day international release dates for movies and television shows, the ability to know whether a certain conversation trend is coming from the U.K. or another audience becomes even more important.”

She said British social media conversations about The Newsroom focused more on the relationships between characters than in the U.S., for example, which TV network marketers could use to tailor their marketing messages.

“In addition to being able to better measure U.K. social media buzz from a data perspective, we are focused on providing understanding and intelligence tailored to the U.K. market,” said Carlson. He said the coding of social media conversations is being handled by people in the U.K. who can pick up regional cultural references and analyze phrases that may be lost on U.S. researchers.

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