'The Social Network' Tops DVD, Blu-ray Charts

Sony Pictures
"The Social Network"

The Jesse Eisenberg-Andrew Garfield starrer is the first film to sweep all three charts in its first week in release since "Toy Story 3" in November.

Sony Pictures’ The Social Network is enjoying quite a ride.

Already in the midst of tremendous awards-season success, including the Golden Globe for best drama film, The Social Network has emerged as the top-selling and top-renting title its first week on disc.

For the week ended Jan. 16, The Social Network outpaced the No. 2 title by a healthy margin on the VideoScan First Alert chart. Universal’s animated hit Despicable Me crawled back into the second position, selling 25.8% as many copies as Social Network.

Another animated film, Lionsgate’s Alpha and Omega, landed in the third spot its first week in stores, followed by a pair of holdovers: Warner’s Inception at No. 4 and Fox’s Machete at No. 5.

The only other new release to crack the top 20 was Sony Pictures’ Piranha 3D, at No. 6.

The Social Network also topped VideoScan’s dedicated Blu-ray sales chart, with Inceptionat No. 2. Nearly 45% of Social Network disc sales were in the high-def format.

And, because it hasn’t been delayed to non brick-and-mortar rental outlets, the film about the founding of Facebook also topped Home Media Magazine’s rental chart its first week in stores, becoming the first title to sweep all three charts in the same week since Disney’s Toy Story 3 did it in November. With several studios now delaying their titles to Redbox kiosks and Netflix, topping all three charts the same week has become a rarity.

The previous week’s top rental, Paramount’s Dinner for Schmucks, dropped to No. 2, While Warner’s The Town and Despicable Me came in at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively, in their first week of availability through Redbox and Netflix. Piranha 3D opened as the No. 5 rental.