Study: 11% of Social Network Site Users Regret Posts


Users are becoming more active in managing their privacy and reputation, Pew Internet findings suggest.

Eleven percent of social networking site users say they have posted content they later regret, according to a new study on privacy management from Pew Internet. For users of age 18-29, that percentage increases to 15 percent.

Overall, the results of the telephone survey indicate that social network users are becoming more active in pruning and managing their accounts. The new study finds that 63 percent have deleted people from their "friends" lists, 44 percent have deleted comments made by others on their profile, and 37 percent have removed their names from photos that were tagged to identify them.

Additionally, more than half of social networking site users (58 percent) say their main profile is set to private so that only friends can see it; 19 percent set their profile to partially private so that friends of friends can view it; and 20 percent say their main profile is set to be public.

In all, 48 percent of social media users report some level of difficulty in managing their profile's privacy controls, though only 2 percent said this is “very difficult.”

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