#SocialGathering: Ivanka Trump Promotes 'Women Who Work'; Met Gala Donors Fuming

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And shunned stylist Monica Rose is still following the Kardashians on Instagram.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what stars, artists and brands have been up to this week on social media.

Poor timing?

Ivanka Trump took to her Instagram to promote her new book, Women Who Work, the same day the American Health Care Act passed the House, potentially putting in jeopardy the health insurance of many women who work. The first daughter awkwardly danced with her children in the video, while directing users to purchase her book in the caption. One way that she brands herself on social media is as a “woman of the people,” although some critics argue that she is part of an administration that aims to restrict women’s right to health care. The Congressional Budget Office anticipates that 15,000,000 will lose their health insurance if the bill passes the Senate. Women who work in low-paying jobs will see an estimated rise of $1,542 a year in annual insurance premiums.


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Donors Fuming

About the first Monday in May: Metropolitan Museum of Art donors aren’t pleased about the smoking session that went down in the museum’s bathrooms during the Met Gala. Attendees Catherine Deneuve, Bella Hadid, Rami Malek, Stella McCartney and Dakota Johnson were photographed smoking in a building filled with over 5,000 priceless works of art spanning decades, violating laws prohibiting cigarette smoking inside indoor recreational areas.


This is where it's at and yes, that is indeed Catherine Deneuve XPG.

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Monica Rose Is Still Following the Kardashians

The all-important follow/unfollow. Monica Rose, former stylist of the Kardashians, recently split from the gang, and Page Six reported a blind item that Khloe Kardashian is looking to sue Rose. Curious followers looking to social media for clues about the feud will not find them from Rose, who is still following the Kardashians on Instagram. To be continued …


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Chrissy Clears It Up

Someone who is still styled by Monica Rose, Chrissy Teigen, learned overnight to never joke about having plastic surgery to a group of reporters. At a Becca Cosmetics event promoting her new makeup palette, Teigen pointed to her eyes, nose and lips, telling Byrdie Beauty: “Everything about me is fake, except for my cheeks.” The whole matter was cleared up on Twitter, of course, when she explained she simply had her armpits liposuctioned, but that's all.

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