'The Society' Star Natasha Liu Bordizzo Thinks Helena Will Soon Hit a "Breaking Point"

"She's was kind of getting there toward the end of season one, but I want her to snap for season two because I think that would be fun," Bordizzo told In Studio.

[This story contains spoilers for the season one finale of The Society on Netflix.]

Netflix has been diving into the YA genre with a number of films and television series, including the new teen dystopian drama The Society, from Party of Five creator Christopher Keyser. 

The show centers on a group of teenagers who return from a camping trip following a major storm and find their town deserted, with no adults in sight, no rules and surrounded by miles of uncharted forest. They're forced to rebuild their society and government as violence and chaos ensues.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays church-loving Helena and girlfriend to Luke (Alex MacNicoll), joins The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss how Helena's faith evolved throughout season one, and what she hopes to see in the show's future if it gets renewed. 

Speaking on Helena's faith, Bordizzo explains, “I think it became less about God and more about keeping that group calm and hopeful for the future because there is no hope, and I think that's what causes people to party, to take drugs, have sex, go wild, and she's like, 'We should just stay calm and take care of each other.'"

"She uses the church as a vehicle to inspire that message. Instead of talking about God, she's talking about things in a place of faith, and just camaraderie and bringing everyone together," she adds.

Helena may be the calming force in the group, Bordizzo says, adding that things are going "be ugly" when she finds out that Luke is lying about Allie (Kathryn Newton) and Will (Jacques Colimon) fixing the election. 

"I think she's kind of staying calm the whole of season one," she says. "That's going to reach a breaking point, I think. She was kind of getting there toward the end of season one, but I want her to snap for season two because I think that would be fun."

Speaking on what else she wants to see in season two, the actress tells In Studio, "I think I want everyone to reach their full potential of what they would do in this time of crisis because I think the crisis is going to get worse. We have no resources, no food, so I think I want everyone to reach the full highest potential of their character, whether it's in a good way or a bad way."

She continues: "Everyone's just completely stripped-down selves because I think we're still able to hold it together and put on their clothes and put on the makeup and just kind of go through life in a still pretty controlled way, but I think war could break out in the future because it's already getting that way with the coup and the takeover, so I'm excited for it to get even more wild."