Sofia Pernas Talks "Hardcore" Training For NBC's 'The Brave' | In Studio

Pernas also opened up about shooting the NBC show in her native Morocco.

Sofia Pernas, who stars on NBC’s The Brave, told The Hollywood Reporter about the intense weapon training she had to undergo for her role as a former CIA operative-turned-analyst Hannah Rivera.

While Hannah has spent a majority of her time in front of a computer screen, we did see her step into action out in the field during episode 11, and, according to Pernas, there could be more of that to come in season two.

“It was very well received, me going out into the field. So I think she’s set up now for season two to be more of a normal occurrence,” she says.

She also called getting the role a “stars aligning moment” for her, since shooting for The Brave took place in her home country of Morocco. 

The Brave airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.