Sofia Vergara Inhales Helium for Her Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Sofia Vergara Chats with Jimmy- Helium - Screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"I'm so happy that this is happening," said 'The Tonight Show' host.

Jimmy Fallon asked his guest Sofia Vergara to inhale helium and chat with him, because he loves her voice so much he wants to hear it at a higher octave.

"When you say you love me for my voice, you mean you laugh at my voice," she said as she grabbed the balloon. The actress asked if it was legal to inhale helium, and then once she ascertained that it was, she obliged, starting out by saying her name.

"I'm so happy that this is happening," said Fallon.

"My English is very good on this thing, no?" she asked in her helium-infused voice. The Modern Family actress switched to Spanish for a bit.

"Hola todos mis amigos hispanos," said Vergara, saying hi to all of her Hispanic friends before giving a special shoutout to Colombians. "Que vivan los columbianos!"

Earlier in the evening Vegara talked about her husband Joe Manganiello's obsession with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"He's like a sick person," she said, teasing the actor's die-hard fan tendencies. Vergara talked about how Manganiello likes to dress up in his Steelers attire for all of the games, whether he's watching them by himself or not. 

She revealed she keeps a Steelers nail file in her bra, pulling it out of her cleavage and handing it over to Fallon. Vergara said that despite all of her good-natured mocking, she's happy that Manganiello is addicted to his football team and not "gambling somewhere in Vegas with strippers."