Sofia Vergara Talks About Her Emmys Loss on Letterman (Video)

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The "Modern Family" star accused the host of being drunk, and said her Columbian family thinks the awards show is a beauty pageant.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara appeared on David Letterman's Late Show Thursday and the interview took some strange twists and turns. 

Throughout the interview, the duo didn't ever seem to get on the same page. First Letterman flubbed the star's name, and then she scolded him for calling her ABC hit "the family show," correcting, with "Modern Family." 

Next he asked about her supporting comedy actress loss at the Emmys to co-star Julie Bowen

"She's like from my show, so its the same," remarked Vergara.

Things got a little less awkward when the host pressed on, asking what her family members thought of the loss. 

"They really think it's a beauty pageant," the actress explained. "They're like 'But your dress was the best! And of all the hair, you by far.' I'm like, 'No, this is not a beauty pageant.'"

But, then took a turn south when Vergara had a hard time understanding Letterman, saying "Why are talking with that accent today?" She followed up with "Have you been drinking?"

Watch the video below.