SohoMuse brings artists together

Rick McCallum running new social network

A new social network aimed at uniting artists around the globe is launching with "Star Wars" prequels producer Rick McCallum at the helm.

To be known as SohoMuse, the Web site will facilitate the exchange of ideas and artwork in a 3-D environment styled with virtual versions of renowned cultural centers. SohoMuse launches with replicas of New York, London and Los Angeles; others including Sydney and Shanghai are on the way.

As chairman of SohoMuse, McCallum believes the social network will be of service to companies in the film and TV industries, including Lucasfilm, producer of the "Star Wars" films.

"As we continue to outsource digital work for films, video games and publishing all over the world, I believe that SohoMuse will make a radical difference to the ease with which we can develop relationships with the best artistic talent, people we would have never otherwise found," he said.

Lucasfilm graphic artist Ryan Church contributed to the creative elements of SohoMuse. The social network also will offer a video guide of cultural events in key cities and will be available via mobile as well.

SohoMuse is led by co-presidents Consuelo Costin and Umi McGuckin. The project was financed by Europe-based media group Rebel Media.
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