Solar Eclipse Bigger Event on Facebook Than Super Bowl

Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Getty Images

The social network had 240 million interactions from more than 66 million people.

Very few events overshadow the Super Bowl on social media, but Monday's solar eclipse topped the NFL's showpiece event on Facebook. 

More than 66 million people took to Facebook to share their experience of the solar eclipse, which resulted in 240 million interactions (defined as posts, shares, comments and reactions), according to the company. Facebook's eclipse-related social engagement figures beat those for the 2017 Super Bowl. 

Facebook Live was a big winner, beating out all other live video streaming platforms with more than 129,000 broadcasts from users and publishers. Eclipse-related videos, both live and non-live, were viewed over 365 million times. 

Unsurprisingly, NASA's Facebook Live channel was the top broadcast feed on Monday, with 29 million views and counting. During a live broadcast, NASA's feed at one point had half a million simultaneous viewers from around the world.