For some men, the game pre-empts ER


NEW YORK -- Not even a medical emergency can pull some men away from a television showing their favorite sports teams, a study has determined.

University of Maryland emergency physician David Jerrard tracked nearly 800 regular season college and professional football, baseball and basketball games in the state over three years and found there always was an increase in the number of men who checked into emergency rooms after these events.

Jerrard's study, presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Emergency Physicians Research Forum in New Orleans, showed about 50% more men registered in emergency rooms after a football game than during the event itself.

Up to 40% more men sought care following a baseball game.

"Men should not risk their health by putting off going to the emergency room because they want to see the final results of a football game. It could be the last game they ever see," Jerrard said.