How 'Someone Great' Director Found the Perfect Cast for Her Feature Directorial Debut

"I was bingeing 'Jane the Virgin' when we were casting it, and the minute I saw Gina [Rodriguez], I was just like, 'There's just no other person that could play Jenny,'" Jennifer Kaytin Robinson told The Hollywood Reporter.

For Someone Great director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, releasing her feature directorial debut on Netflix "feels like giving birth," as she explained to The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.

"I had a dream recently that I was nine months pregnant, and I didn't understand what it was, and I think it was the movie. I think the baby was the movie," she said. "It feels like you've had this thing inside you for all this time, and then it comes out, and it's everyone else’s now. And that's amazing, and terrifying, and thrilling, and all of the things."

Written by Robinson, Someone Great centers on a woman named Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) who goes through a gut-wrenching breakup and seeks out an adventure in New York City with her two best friends, Blair and Erin (played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise), before moving across the country for her dream job in San Francisco.

"I was honestly inspired by my 20s, by being broken up with in New York, by just my friends and my life and wanting to put something onscreen that felt authentic to me, and also was kind of a subverted romantic comedy where a woman could be her own hero," the director explained.

When it came to casting the three female roles, Robinson explained how she found the perfect stars in Rodriguez, Snow and Wise.

"I was bingeing Jane the Virgin when we were casting it, and the minute I saw Gina, and was watching Gina, I was just like, 'There's just no other person that could play Jenny.'"

She goes on to explain how she’s known Snow since they were 18 years old, and Rodriguez suggested Wise for the role of Erin after having spent time at New York University back in the day.

"We had that bond, and then the four of us came together, and we had a short rehearsal process, but I would say the moment that really solidified it was very early on, the four of us went to brunch. It was kind of a sleepy, stuffy restaurant in Beverly Hills, and we were all just screaming. It was mayhem. I am so surprised we didn't get kicked out" she said.  

She continued: "I walked out of that brunch and the chemistry was so instant, and it felt like lightning in a bottle."

Someone Great is now available to stream on Netflix.

Watch the video above to hear Robinson discuss how writing on MTV's Sweet/Victorious prepared her for her feature directorial debut, her plans for a horror movie and more.