'Sons of Anarchy' Creator 'Deeply' Saddened By Charlie Sheen Drama

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kurt Sutter says the relationship between a star and a show-runner can turn "hellish."

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, shared his take on the still unfolding Charlie Sheen/Two and a Half Men situation today via his blog.

"I've watched the Charlie Sheen, Two and Half Men drama unfold for over a year now," he wrote. "I've resisted commenting because I know Charlie and Chuck (Lorre, co-creator of Men) and have deep respect and admiration for both men," he added. "It saddens me deeply to see it play out the way it has this week."

Sutter talked about the relationship between stars and showrunners, like Lorre.

"A showrunner-star relationship is like a marriage," he said, alluding to Sheen's relationship with Lorre.

"And like a marriage, it can be symbiotic bliss, or a hellish fu*kshow," he quipped.

"I think he's done the best he can under the circumstances," he wrote of Lorre. "Pulling the show, as devastating as it will be to the thousands it employs (including my sister-in-law), is the most humane thing to do."