'Sons of Anarchy' Star Johnny Lewis Attacked Neighbors Before Death


A couple who lives next door to the actor's slain landlady say he seemed impervious to pain as they tried to fend him off.

Descriptions of fierce attacks are among new details coming out about the late Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis.

Lewis was found dead in a Los Feliz driveway Wednesday, after allegedly killing his 81-year-old landlady, Catherine Davis. He is also believed to have fought with three people in the backyard of a nearby residence before ultimately falling to his death from the roof of Davis’ house.

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According to one of Davis' neighbors, Lewis introduced himself as “John” on Wednesday and said he was new to the neighborhood, the LA Times reports. Lewis left, but returned shortly and attacked a painter working in the man’s backyard. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he came to the painter’s aid after his wife saw the attack unfold and screamed for help.

The man, his wife, and the painter all struggled with Lewis, who did not seem to feel pain. The neighbor said hitting Lewis was like “hitting him with a fly swatter.”

The three eventually made it inside, and held the door shut while Lewis attempted to get in. Lewis eventually departed, and when police arrived, they found him dead in the driveway next door.

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The description of the attack echos an account of a Jan. 3 incident. According to records, Lewis broke into a Northridge town home and attacked two men with an empty bottle after they asked him to leave.

"My brother-in-law hit him in the head many times," the man said. "He didn't even blink."

Lewis, whose lawyer said was "delusional," is known to have run afoul of the law several other times this year. On Feb. 10, he was arrested for allegedly striking a man outside of a yogurt shop, and on Feb. 18 he was taken into custody after a woman said he attempted to break into her Santa Monica home.

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After being released on bail, Lewis was taken into custody again on May 23 for failing to appear in court, and later ordered to complete 30 days of rehab for mental health and substance abuse issues. After completing treatment at Ridgeview Ranch in Altadena, he was placed on probation.

But Lewis was once again in custody at some point after this for unknown reasons, and was released from county jail just five days before his death.

Lewis appeared in 26 episodes of Sons of Anarchy as an aspiring member of the California motorcycle club. His credits also include nine episodes of The O.C. and roles in the films The Runaways and Lovely Molly.

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