'Sons of Anarchy' Star Johnny Lewis Disappearing From Scientology Websites

Johnny Lewis Portrait - P 2012
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Johnny Lewis Portrait - P 2012

Photos linking the late actor and murder suspect to Narconon, the organization's controversial rehab program, have been removed since his alleged rampage.

As news spreads that Johnny Lewis -- the troubled Sons of Anarchy star suspected of falling to his death after allegedly murdering his 81-year-old landlady and her cat -- had strong ties to the Church of Scientology, the actor's presence has been rapidly dwindling from the organization's various websites.

Both of Lewis' parents are keenly active in Scientology. His father, Michael Lewis, runs a Scientology clinic out of the San Fernando Valley and once co-wrote a screenplay with L. Ron Hubbard -- the organization's late founder, whose life inspired Paul Thomas Anderson's critically acclaimed new film, The Master.

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But Scientology officials have distanced themselves from the actor since Wednesday's deaths, insisting Lewis was not involved in the Church for a number of years.

There is no disputing, however, that Lewis was at one time deeply embedded in Narconon, the Church's controversial drug abuse rehabilitation wing. Narconon foregoes mainstream approaches to treating addiction in favor of a regimen involving the ingestion of large amounts of vitamins and hours spent sitting in high-temperature saunas.

A 2004 photo of the actor, then 20, shaking hands with an unidentified man behind a table covered in Narconon literature has vanished from the Narconon Flickr photostream. TMZ reports the photo was snapped at a substance abuse prevention event in Orange County, where Lewis was manning a Narconon booth.

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Narconon has used the photograph elsewhere to promote their program. But a contributor to WhyWeProtest.net, an anti-Scientology message board, points to a page featuring the photo on the official Narconon website that has also since gone missing.

Drugs have been a persistently rumored factor in Wednesday's deadly and bizarre events -- the climax in a string of increasingly erratic and violent behavior from Lewis. In one incident from last February, Lewis was arrested after randomly punching a man outside a frozen yogurt store.

Lewis had only been out of jail for just six days -- serving time for a previous assault -- when he allegedly killed his elderly landlady. His own lawyer describes Lewis as "delusional" in his final days, and says he refused treatment.

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Meanwhile, on Celebrity Scientologists -- a website that indexes and profiles Hollywood's most successful Scientology adherents -- a page dedicated to Lewis has also been removed.

The entry was screen captured by ex-Scientologist message board users before it was taken down. The former URL now brings you to a message reading, "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

In the 2007 entry, a contributor named Grahame -- a software developer who lives in Clearwater, Fl., home to Scientology headquarters -- tells of seeing the movie Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem, in which Lewis starred.

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"The movie stars one of [my daughter's] friends," Graham writes, "a guy she went to school with and did much of her early Scientology training with, Johnny Lewis."

"Not only is he one of the leads in the movie, but, more importantly, he survives in the end. ... Way to go Johnny!" he adds.