Sony 3D Experience opening in Vegas

To be part of CBS Television City in MGM Grand

Las Vegas - A Sony 3D Experience Center is opening at CBS Television City in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

CBS originally opened Television City-a consumer research venture-to test pilots, Internet content and new technology. Sony recently came on board as sponsor for a 3,000 sq. foot addition that is dedicated to 3D research and will open its 3D elements in about two weeks.

"3D is making its way into the living room" said Randy Waynick, Sony Electronics senior vp strategy and alliances. "We are trying to move forward in the space."

Sony and CBS are constructing models of various rooms in a home, and bringing in Sony 3D TVs to test viewing of stereo games, Blu-ray titles and 3D-converted television. A small theater environment has also been build.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the technology, ask questions and participate in focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews and other types of research, some of which will be used exclusively by Sony and CBS and some that will be made available to the public.
David Poltrack, president of CBS Vision, related that part of the effort would include learning what types of 3D programming interests consumers, and so the organization will test sports, movies, games, dramas and other library titles.
"We want to develop 3D programming," he said, noting that this research will assist in setting a direction.
Poltrack added that psychophysical responses are part of the plan. CBS Television City offers a method of measuring brain activity, and this could be used while viewers watch 3D.