Sony Starts Shipping 4K Digital Cinematography Camera

Alec Shapiro, Phil Molyneux, Otto Nemenz and Sir Howard Stringer - H 2012

The first Sony F65 is presented to Hollywood rental house Otto Nemenz; roughly 400 cameras have be pre-ordered worldwide.

Sony has started to ship its F65 4K digital cinematography cameras, for which Sony has already received roughly 400 pre-orders worldwide, including at least 200 in the US.

 At a ceremony held during the Sony Open golf tournament, Sony senior executives, including chief executive Howard Stringer, presented the first production unit, serial number 10001, to Otto Nemenz, president of Hollywood-headquartered rental business Otto Nemenz International.

The camera -- which is being developed with an 8K sensor and capable of handling 16-bit 4K and higher-resolution imagery –has generated a lot of attention since it was announced at the 2011 NAB Show, where the prototype was first unveiled. The base price for the F65 is $65,000.

According to Sony, the F65 has been tested by directors of photography and production professionals, and currently, at least two major studios are planning to use it on projects that will begin shooting almost immediately upon delivery of the cameras.

The new camera is a key part of Sony’s 4K entertainment strategy. Its 4K projectors are installed in more than 10,000 digital cinema auditoriums worldwide. At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the company previewed 4K home theater technology.