Sony Pictures to Remake Russian Horror Thriller 'Tvar'

'Tvar' Still - Publicity - H 2019
Sony Pictures

The movie will be adapted for the Indian and Korean markets.

Sony Pictures has acquired remake rights to upcoming Russian horror thriller Tvar (Stray) for India and South Korea.

"I'm glad that our partners value our enthusiasm and high quality of our work and see potential and opportunities for our film to be understood and appreciated in South Korea and India," said Ilya Burets, Tvar's producer, in a statement.

"We are certainly glad to collaborate with such a major studio as Columbia Pictures, and all this is comparable to a dream that's come true," he added.

Global rights to Tvar (excluding Russia) are handled by London-based REASON8.

“Having sold [the movie to] over 30 territories, we are very pleased that Sony sees remake potential in the film and have acquired remake rights for India and South Korea,” Anna Krupnova, Co-Managing Director of REASON8, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Directed by Olga Gorodetskaya, Tvar is centered on a married couple, Polina and Igor, played by local stars Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov, who lose a son and decide to adopt a child from an orphanage. But their life soon turns into a total nightmare.

The movie is slated to open in Russia on Nov. 28. It has been sold to 30 countries, including Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Tvar is Gorodetskaya's first feature. Burets' credits include the local hit Gorko! (Kiss Them All!) which was adapted in Latin America.