Sony Classics' Michael Barker on Morgan Spurlock Doc: ‘Will It Make Money?’

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The director tells THR he was told to “sell, sell, sell” his latest doc, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

Of course, the premiere of Pom Wonderful's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was a promo-palooza and smorgasbord of marketing opps and freebies.

While many of the expected A-list stars didn't show, director Morgan Spurlock's walking the carpet with the Mane n' Tail mini pony from the movie was enough to spur the flashbulbs. However, getting the pony into the theater for Spurlock's remarks at the Cinerama Dome theater, in front of an industry crowd, wasn't easy. PR woman Melody Korenbrot was seen scurrying around for consent from the theater management, who were worried about animal rights, etc.
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After the screening, the crowd was of course plummeted with goody bags with Greatest Movie paraphernalia - go cups, t shirts, even socks.
Then they marched a few blocks away to the Supper Club on Hollywood Boulevard, which was turned into a convention floor: Trident gum had an oxygen inhaling set up for "energy" (how bout advertising?), massages were being given, Carrera and Solstice sunglass boutiques were set up, models wore dresses made of flip flops, Pomtini's were served, and within seconds, the place was more crowded than Times Square, with everyone wanting to see a set by OK Go, who wrote the movie's theme song - "The Greatest Song We Ever Heard" - of course.
Spurlock wore his logo-crowded suit and posed with SONY Classics' Michael Barker, who said, "I thought the film played very well - very well. But will it make money? Who knows?"
POM owner and sponsor Lynda Resnick referred to herself as "the Henry Higgins of marketing," in a red (POM colored) Valentino dress and fur jacket.
Spurlock somehow kept up the amazing energy he exhibits in the film, and after so many press appearances, he's still out there, selling his "doc buster" on selling movies. "I was told, 'Sell, sell, sell, boy!'" he told THR. "So that's what I'm doing. I think I'm getting my point across."