Sony Debuts 'Emoji Movie' With Vertical Teaser Trailer

Twitter, Dropbox and Candy Crush Saga are among the apps that will be featured in the animation.

Break out your phone to watch the first teaser trailer for Sony's Emoji Movie.

The vertical trailer for the CG animation, which is meant to be viewed on a mobile device, features the "Meh" emoji (comedian Steven Wright) as he apathetically tries to convince viewers to go see his movie.

The Emoji Movie follows Gene (T.J. Miller), an emoji born with multiple expressions, who teams up with the notorious code-breaker Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer) on an adventure through a teenager's phone. 

Sony also announced partnerships with popular apps to roll out marketing for the film, beginning with this teaser trailer.

Popular apps will be featured in the animation, including Twitter, Dropbox, Candy Crush Saga and Instagram, with the film's character traveling through the various interfaces. For instance, in the Spotify app, the expressive protagonists will ride music waves.

Facebook, Shazam, YouTube and Snapchat are also among the apps featured in the movie.

The Emoji Movie hits theaters Aug. 4, 2017.