Sony to Open Digital Motion Picture Center on May 1

Sony F65 Training - H 2012

Sony F65 Training - H 2012

Director of photography Curtis Clark will oversee education for Sony’s new F65 4K camera.

Sony’s Professional Solutions of America (PSA) unveiled its Digital Motion Picture Center, which opens May 1 at Sony Pictures Studios.

Housed on the lot’s stage 7, the center will offer services including training for Sony’s F65 4K digital cinematography camera, which began shipping to customers in January.

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Alec Shapiro, PSA senior vp, will serve as president of the DMPC. “This will be a place for the Hollywood production community to share experiences with their peers and help make the transition from 35mm film to digital production as seamless as possible,” he said.

Director of photography Curtis Clark (The Draughtman’s Contract), who is chairman of the ASC Technology Committee, will oversee the center’s educational and training activities. Clark wrote and directed The Arrival, the first short lensed with the F65, and he is working on another that will debut next month at the NAB Show.

In addition to the F65, the DMPC will offer training on Sony’s Super 35mm digital cameras including the PMW-F3. The company also plans to make the DMPC available to local rental companies, resellers, and workflow partners.

Related, Sony Pictures is conducting F65 workshops, which will run through April 15.

After Earth, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Will Smith, is among the first features that have gone into production using the new camera.