Sony Expected to Announce PlayStation 4 in New York on Feb. 20

Playstation Logo - 2011

A video clip released by the company appears to confirm that the next generation console will be unveiled this month.

TOKYO -- Sony looks set to announce the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console at a meeting of investors and media it has called for Feb. 20 in New York. Although Sony hasn't confirmed it will be the PS4 launch, it has used similar meetings in the past to unveil new consoles.

The 45-second video clip accompanying the announcement of the meeting seems to leave little doubt that it's the successor to the PS3 that will be unwrapped.

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A Sony spokesperson in Tokyo declined to confirm or deny to The Hollywood Reporter that the Feb. 20 meeting was about the PS4.

At a roundtable in Sony's Tokyo headquarters last month, CEO Kaz Hirai wouldn't answer questions directly about the PS4 launch, but seemed to be dropping hints about its release.

“We're very happy with the PS3 business, there's a lot of juice left in that platform. The PlayStation is a 10-year cycle and we're in the sixth year now,” Hirai told reporters, when in fact PlayStations have been released at six-year intervals since the original console in 1994.

Sony also announced last month that production of the PS2 - the best-selling console of all time, with 160 million units to its credit -- would cease in Japan, raising speculation about an impending launch.