Sony Hack: Mysterious Emails Promise More Internal Data Leaks

Giles Keyte

Journalists received a second email from someone claiming to be part of Guardians of Peace

A new email alleges that the cyber attackers of Sony Pictures Entertainment have leaked studio data.

On Nov. 24, hackers calling themselves Guardians of Peace took over computers at the studio, forcing it to shut down its email and other systems. At least five of the studio's current and upcoming releases, including the Brad Pitt war movie Fury and the musical Anniehave been pirated and were circulating widely on file-sharing sites.

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This past Saturday, someone claiming to be part of GOP sent a first email to journalists, saying that the group had leaked the named titles to the web. The email alleged that the group would soon leak data from the studio as well. It was unclear whether the emails were in fact from GOP or just a prank.

A second email was sent to journalists on Monday, claiming to offer links to studio data. The email included a link to a posting on, which carried a list of file names that appear to be encrypted. It could not be immediately determined what information the individual files contained.

Sony is reportedly investigating a possible North Korean link to the hack. This comes after a statement released Friday by a North Korean government-controlled website threatened the filmmakers of Sony's upcoming comedy The Interview with "stern punishment." The plot of the film centers on two guys, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, who are sent to North Korea to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un.