Sony Hack: Studio Postpones Friday's Town Hall Meeting (Exclusive)

Sony Hack Comp - H 2014
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Hack Comp - H 2014

The studio moves the "all hands" meeting to Friday due to heavy rains

A Sony Pictures town hall meeting to address the crippling hack that has besieged the studio has been pushed from Friday to Monday.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the “all hands” meeting was moved due to heavy rains forecasted in the Los Angeles area.

Studio CEO Michael Lynton had been prepared to brief employees on the growing crisis that has led to the posting of the personal information of 47,000 past and present employees, sensitive financial and legal documents and embarrassing email exchanges involving top brass. The F.B.I. also was expected to be on hand to answer questions from concerned employees, some of whom received a threatening email last week that promised to target family members. It is unclear if that email was related to the hack that was first noticed by the studio Nov. 24.

There is no sense yet from law enforcement about who is behind the cyber attack that has rocked the studio. North Korea, angered over Sony's upcoming comedy The Interview, remains a popular suspect in the media, but cyber experts studying the case say there is still no connection linking the rogue nation to the hack.

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