Sony int'l boxoffice to pass $2 bil

Foreign feat will only be fifth time it has been accomplished

Sony will surpass $2 billion in international boxoffice during the coming weekend as the studio marks its biggest worldwide haul ever at $3.36 billion and counting.

The foreign feat will be the fifth time a studio has rung up $2 billion in overseas receipts. Paramount did so in 2008, Warner Bros. in 2007 and 2004 and Fox in 2006.

Sony's highest-grossing foreign grossers are topped by the May opener "Angels & Demons," which flew to $353 internationally, and the November debutante "2012," which has fetched more than $451 million to date.

"Even in the midst of an economy that continues to challenge our industry, this has been a tremendous year in just about every way we can imagine," Sony worldwide marketing and distribution chairman Jeff Blake said.