Sony Introduces Technology Geared for Hearing and Visually Impaired Audiences

At ShowEast, the company shows glasses that have been designed for closed caption viewing and audio playback for hearing and visually impaired cinema goers.

Sony is previewing prototype glasses for hearing and visually impaired cinema goers at confab ShowEast.

Named Entertainment Access Technology, Sony’s glasses and receiver offer the capability to use headphones for hearing impaired or audio descriptive tracks. The glasses could also be used to view caption data.

Sony reported that the caption system is capable of providing a choice of up to six languages and is driven by a wireless transmitter. 

The company said the technology is adaptable for viewing 3D movies.

Also Tuesday, Sony announced a new financing option for its digital cinema deployment plan, which it said offers “lower up-front costs” and uses a Virtual Print Fee (VFP) model.

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