Sony, Nielsen measure ads in vid games


NEW YORK -- Sony Computer Entertainment and the Nielsen Co. said Monday that they will develop a way to measure game network advertising.

Sony Computer Entertainment will share its data from PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network with Nielsen, which will analyze the data to create measurements of reach, frequency and effectiveness of game-network advertising. The work will first begin in North America, the companies said.

The data will be merged with Nielsen's National People Meter panel of 12,000 television households to provide better visibility of data. The companies hope that it will help advertisers calculate cost per thousands with more accuracy. Results will be released in the fall, and Nielsen will provide monthly rankings of audience data for PlayStation Network in its GamePlay Metrics measurement that launches this month.

"We will be able to provide advertisers with a much more robust picture of the impact of their game network advertising and of those consumers who are actually playing games, all while preserving privacy," Nielsen Games vp Jeff Herrmann said in a statement.

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