Sony Notifies Guild Members Their Data May Have Been Compromised

Sony Pictures Entertainment Studios - H 2014
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Sony Pictures Entertainment Studios - H 2014

The email comes nine days after the company's direct employees were notified

As has been widely reported, the Sony Pictures hack compromised massive amounts of employee data, but what hasn't been noted is that in Hollywood, studio employees are not just the people who drive to the lot every day. Actors, writers and directors are also employees of the studio, or of affiliated companies, for the duration of their engagement on a production.

Reflecting that reality, at Sony's request SAG-AFTRA, the DGA and, according to a source, the WGA, emailed their members a message from Sony regarding the data breach and offering guild members who work or worked on Sony projects a year of credit monitoring, the same service that the studio's direct employees were offered nine days earlier.

The SAG-AFTRA email, which is on the union's website as well, was sent Wednesday, as was the DGA email. WGA and Sony spokespeople did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and it's not known whether similar emails were sent to members of IATSE, AFM (musicians union), the Teamsters and basic crafts.

As previously reported, three class action lawsuits have been filed by former Sony employees on behalf of current and former employees, alleging negligence and violation of various privacy rights. One of the suits, Dukow v. Sony Pictures Entertainment, defines the plaintiff class broadly, by reference to "[a]ll current and former individuals working for or associated with Sony," while the other two suits define the class more narrowly as former or current employees of Sony.

Unless amended, those two suits might not be broad enough to encompass guild members who were employed by one-off temporary production entities set up for an individual movie. In any case, at some point a court will have to decide whether and how to consolidate the three separate suits.

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