Sony offers a 'Sit Down' deal


The monthlong stalemate at Fox's new animated series "Sit Down, Shut Up" could be headed for a resolution, with most of the show's writers said to favor an agreement with producing studio Sony Pictures TV.

Sony recently approached the scribes with a new version of the deal it offered them June 23. While the current proposal is said to include a more generous package than what's been already presented, it is said to keep the main deal points from the previous offer intact, including maintaining the show's status as a signatory to IATSE, not the WGA, which has been the bone of contention between the sides.

Not all "Sit Down" writers are said to be on board. At least two, including one of the exec producers, have declined the proposal.

The writers had until Wednesday to respond to the new version of the offer. By Wednesday night, there still was no resolution, but there had been a lot of back and forth between reps for the writers and the studio negotiator, so the talks were expected to continue.

Whatever the outcome, a decision on the future of the show is expected shortly. Production on the series, slated for a midseason launch behind "The Simpsons," already has been delayed by a month because of the walkout, and Sony had said it would pull the plug on the show if a deal with the writers is not reached.

Such a deal now appears more likely. (partialdiff)