Sony Pics Int'l lands TV drama in China

Co-producing 'The Game' with China Film Group

SINGAPORE -- On Monday, Sony Pictures Television International and the China Film Group will launch "The Game" on China Central Television, their first jointly produced television drama.

The 24 one-hour episodes of "The Game" mark the first drama produced by Huaso Film/Television Digital Production Co., the joint-venture between SPTI and CFG, of which CFG owns a majority.

Based on Liu Ping's best-selling Chinese novel "The Lunatic" and directed by Yuen Ying Ming, a veteran of popular TVB series in Hong Kong, "The Game" will air on CCTV-8, the dedicated drama channel of China's state-run broadcaster.

"By combining top-notch talent from East and West, I believe we've managed to create a very original series with new elements of storytelling for the Chinese audience," SPTI vp production Asia Mary Chan said Wednesday.

The series was written by Ren Yun in collaboration with Hollywood veteran Gerald Sanoff ("Matlock") and Li Xiao, the award-winning writer of mid-1990s Chinese series "A Native of Beijing in New York."

The cast includes such well-known Chinese TV actors as Yu Xiao Wei ("Handsome Man") and Huang Jue ("Everlasting Regret").

China International Television Corp. maintains distributions rights inside China and SPTI will distribute the series outside of China both in its original form and as a format.