Sony Pictures Classics: Imports secure a home


Foreign-language films might be fighting an uphill battle at the boxoffice, but Sony Pictures Classics' careful nurturing of German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's "The Lives of Others" defied the odds. Recipient of the Oscar for best foreign-language film, "Lives" was SPC's liveliest 2007 release as it quietly amassed $11.3 million. At the same time, the Spanish-speaking "Volver," from director Pedro Almodovar -- with whom SPC has long been in business -- collected $7.9 million of its total domestic haul of $12.9 million in 2007. On the English-speaking front, "The Jane Austen Book Club" was SPC's biggest draw. As this year's Oscar race shapes up, Tom Bernard and Michael Barker's SPC is fielding "Persepolis" as an animation and foreign-language contender.

Sony Classics 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
The Italian1/19        0.6
The Lives of Others2/9     11.3
Offside3/23        0.2
Black Book4/4      4.4
The Valet 4/20      2.3
Jindabyne4/27        0.4
Angel-A5/25        0.2
Vitus6/29        0.2
Moliere7/27        0.6
The Jane Austen Book Club9/21      3.6
My Kid could Paint That10/50.2
Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains10/26  0.08
Youth Without Youth12/14     0.1
Steep12/21      0.06
Persepolis12/25      0.2
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles9/1/06       0.003
American Hardcore9/22/06        0.01
Driving Lessons10/13/06        0.02
Volver11/3/06      7.9
Curse of the Golden Flower12/21/06      4.9
2007 total: $38.9 mil