Sony preps PS2 redesign for holidays


TOKYO -- Sony Corp.'s gaming division is preparing for the winter holiday season with a redesigned PlayStation 2 to launch Nov. 22 and a new color variation for the PlayStation Portable on Dec. 13.

"The new PS2 will have the AC adapter integrated into the machine, a new slimmer design and be around 130 grams lighter at 720 grams," Sony spokesperson Nanako Sato said.

The new version will be the same price as the current model, ¥16,000 ($140), and come in charcoal black, ceramic white and satin silver.

Despite a recently announced price cut for the PS3, it continues to be outsold by the seven-year-old PS2, which has shifted over 120 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling gaming console ever.

"Our forecast for the year to March 2008 is 12 million consoles for the PS2 and 11 million for the PS3," Sato said. However, in spite of the hefty ¥45,000 ($395) price tag, Sony still loses money on each PS3, whereas sales of the PS2 are believed to be very profitable.

A "Deep Red" edition of the PSP will go on sale beginning Dec. 13 for ¥22,800 ($200) including a pouch, hand strap and 32MB memory stick.

A "Deep Red 1 Seg Pack," including a 1GB Memory stick and a "one-seg" tuner for terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, will be available for ¥29,800 ($260).

Sony hasn't announced dates for international release of the new models.