Sony Restarts Last Disaster-Affected Factory

The Tagajo plant manufactures Blu-ray Discs, and was flooded by the March 11 tsunami.

TOKYO –- Sony has restarted production lines at the last of its 10 factories that were damaged by the March earthquake and tsunami.

The Tagajo plant in Miyagi Prefecture -– the region hardest hit by the disasters -– has resumed partial operations at the facility, which makes Blu-ray Discs, among other products. The first-floor of the plant was flooded by the tsunami on March 11.

The plant also manufactured optical components for projectors and electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, but production of these is to be transferred to other facilities.

The 1,400-strong workforce is also expected to be reduced. Sony is also looking into sending some of its employees to local government departments to aid local rebuilding efforts, as well as renting part of the facility to other disaster-affected companies.