Sony sends letter to Hydraulx

Demands cease and desist as both plan alien films

Sony has sent a letter to Hydraulx, the production firm behind upcoming feature "Skyline" that also did special effects for Sony's similarly themed "Battle: Los Angeles," demanding it cease and desist from using equipment that the studio says it owns.

Sony is accusing the producers of ripping off equipment and ideas for their lower budget alien invasion movie, TheWrap reported.

The producers denied the charge to TheWrap and argued the problem for Sony was that the other firm's cheaper movie is coming out before Sony's.

Sony's letter said that the studio would not have hired Hydraulx to do special effects had it know about the "Skyline" project.

Hydraulx countered that Sony is trying to force it to delay its release.

"Battle" is scheduled for a March 2011 release. "Skyline" is planned for a Nov. 12 release.
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