Sony touts benefits of Blu-ray for PS3

Company says it's not concentrating on PS4 yet

NEW YORK -- The benefits of the Blu-ray technology in Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 gaming console will become more obvious as video games become even more complex, a Sony top executive said Tuesday.

"It's a huge advantage," Jack Tretton, president and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America, said about Blu-ray. Speaking at the official launch event for the PricewaterhouseCoopers "Media and Entertainment Outlook 2009-2013" report, he added: "What is often lost are the advantages from a gaming standpoint."

The high Blu-ray disc storage capacity means that for more complex games, competing gaming platforms will at times need several discs for one game, while the PS3 will need only one. "It's like the old intermission," with gamers having to swap discs and wait, Tretton quipped. More discs, of course, would also mean higher costs.

Asked about the next generation of gaming consoles, Tretton said he remains focused on the PS3, which is only celebrating its third anniversary in November. But the gaming hardware cycle is about 10 years long, meaning the PS4 is no focus yet, he added.

Concentrating on migrating PS2 users and other gamers to the PS3 and making the most of it are also key for profitability. "Investment is high, and the back-end (of the cycle) is key to the financial success," said Tretton.
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