Sonyae Elise Crowned 'Platinum Hit' Champ


The singer-songwriter will receive $100K, a RCA/Jive Records contract and a publishing deal with The Writing Camp as winner of the Bravo competition series.

Sonyae Elise has won Bravo's singer-songwriter competition series Platinum Hit. Her prizes include $100,000 in cash, a recording contract with RCA/Jive Records, and a publishing deal with Sony and BMI Songwriter's The Writing Camp.

Elise competed against finalists Scotty Granger and Jes Hudak for the title, which was revealed on Friday night's episode.

Show creator and executive producer Evan Bogart said, "I'm incredibly proud of Sonyae. She is a real talent not just as a songwriter but as a singer and live performer. She is very inspired and I'm eager to finish up the writing and production of her new album."

Jewel hosts Platinum Hit and wrote of Elise's win, "I hope Sonyae takes the time to learn an instrument. It must be so frustrating to hear the music in your head but rely on others to make it come out."

Former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi was also a judge for this contest and wrote that Elise's "melodies always came from an emotional place and I think that is why she really impressed us as well. She consistently delivered week to week. She would be an asset in any room of writers in any genre."

Elise said the win put her "one step closer" to her "ultimate goal in life." As for her inability to play an instrument, she told Bravo, "Everybody plays an instrument, I can work Pro Tools really well, so aside from having my voice as an instrument, that was also an asset in many of the challenges.

"I think that because I don't play an instrument, I build a strong foundation of lyric and concepts -- and melody as well, because I sing. My lyric and concepts are what I'm known for from this show.

More information on Elise and the contest can be found on the Platinum Hit website.