Sony's Amy Pascal Delays Office Move Due to Seth Rogen Pot Stench

Amy Pascal - H 2015
AP Images

Amy Pascal - H 2015

The offices are a plum spot that once housed Pascal's late boss, John Calley.

Though Amy Pascal is beginning her transition from Sony Pictures co-chair to on-the-lot producer, her new office space plans might be up in smoke, at least temporarily.

Sources say Pascal is unable to move into her new suite that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg most recently occupied because the stench of marijuana cannot be easily removed. The offices — a plum spot that once housed Pascal's late boss, John Calley — will be repainted in an effort to eradicate the smell. Once Pascal moves from her current offices in the Irving Thalberg Building to make way for incoming motion picture group head Tom Rothman, she will move into temporary offices until the odor is sufficiently eliminated.

A source downplayed the marijuana issue, saying Rogen and Goldberg hadn't been in the offices long enough to cause permanent damage. Furthermore, the repaint job has more to do with the fact that Pascal wants to put her own decorative stamp on the offices. But a source says the smell is so bad that it has seeped into the flooring.

Rogen is an outspoken pot aficionado and once told Elle magazine: "I guess I could say I have a terrible case of I-wanna-smoke-weed-all-day." Rogen and Goldberg's neighbors had long complained of the smell emanating from their first-floor offices. One frequent visitor says the fumes could be smelled on the third floor of the building.

Regardless, Pascal is willing to wait. For years, she had insisted that if she ever segued to a producer's role, she would want to take over Calley's offices. It appears that the problem will require an industrial-strength solution rather than a bottle of Febreze, and Pascal wants it fixed properly, sources say. After all, she has a four-year deal — said to be worth between $30 million and $40 million — and will be spending a great deal of time in the space.

Sony declined comment.