Sony's 'Jumping the Broom' Sees Big Boost From Mother's Day

Sony Pictures

Comedy grosses $15.3 million, instead of $13.7 million; "Something Borrowed" also up.

Sony’s Jumping the Broom enjoyed a big boost from Mother’s Day, up 13 percent on Sunday and earning $15.3 million for the weekend — instead of the estimated $13.7 million.

Something Borrowed, the weekend’s other femme-driven comedy, also saw better than expected results because of Mother’s Day, grossing $14 million, instead of the estimated $13.2 million. The movie, distributed by Warner Bros., was fully financed by Alcon Entertainment (The Blind Side).

Targeting African-American moviegoers, Jumping the Broom received an A CinemaScore grade across all categories, a rarity. Women represented 70 percent of those buying tickets, while 64 percent of the audience was over the age of 35.

It’s unusual for a Hollywood studio to launch an African-American theme pic in summer. Jumping the Broom’s strong start proved a successful counterprogramming move.

Jumping the Broom’s ensemble cast includes Paula Patton, Laz Alonso, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devineand Mike Epps. Salim Akil directed the comedy, which centers around two families from two very different environments who gather on Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding.

The comedy cost less than $7 million to produce.

“It will be very successful, and kudos to everyone involved,” Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer said. “We’ve known all along that the film was a great crowd-pleaser.”

Something Borrowed stars Ginnifer GoodwinKate HudsonJohn Krasinski and Colin EgglesfieldHilary Swank is a producer on the film, which is based on the book by Emily Giffin.

Females made up 73 percent of the audience, while 65 percent were over the age of 25. Something Borrowed received a B CinemaScore overall, although women gave it a B+.