Sony's Top-Exec Salaries Allegedly Leaked in Wake of Cyber Attack

Sony Pictures Logo - P 2011

Sony Pictures Logo - P 2011

Cable network Fusion is carrying a spreadsheet that allegedly lists salaries in the studio's top ranks

Amid the fallout of the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, a website has published a list that allegedly contains the basic annual salaries of 17 top executives at the studio. Michael Lynton, SPE CEO, and Amy Pascal, co-chair of SPE, topped the list with salaries of $3 million per year each.

A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the report, which was published by Kevin Roose at Fusion. Roose said he was sent the spreadsheet by an anonymous emailer, who posted various files that allegedly came from Sony on a Pastebin link.

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The salary list contained a spreadsheet from the leak entitled “Comp Roster by Supervisory Organization 2014-10-21," and Roose said he sorted the salaries in descending order. The list does not appear to include bonus compensation, which would be significant for executives at this level.

The posted list included the salaries of such Sony execs as Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures, who is said to receive $2.35 million; Clint Culpepper, president, Screen Gems, $1.8 million; and Michael De Luca, president of production, $1.5 million. All the individuals on the list received salaries of at least $1 million.

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Roose took note of the fact that there was only one woman, Pascal, on the list. However, Hannah Minghella, who shares president of production duties with De Luca and who has more seniority at the studio than he does, was conspicuously absent — which was either an oversight or, if the spreadsheet can be trusted, a suggestion that she is paid less than De Luca's $1.5 million.

The FBI said earlier today that it is currently part of the investigation into the cyber attack. 

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