Rupert Murdoch Expands Anti-Piracy Twitter Rant to Mitt Romney

Rupert Murdoch - Delivers Keynote At The National Summit - H - 2011
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The News Corp. chair has found another topic of complaint: the presumptive Republican nominee's presidential campaign.

Rupert Murdoch's newfound infatuation with Twitter continues to fascinate the readers of his candid evening rants.

The 80-year-old News Corp. mogul, like everyone else addicted to social media, becomes less discrete as the evening goes on. And he certainly has a real flair for 140-character barbs. (He was legendarily fond of rewriting his newspapers' headlines.)

In a midst of series of denunciations of anti-SOPA activists on Tuesday, Murdoch found time to dis Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

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"When will Romney get a manager to prepare him?" he tweeted. "Fancy not being ready for questions about taxes or felons! Damaging."

The reaction, as usual, was brutal.

"@rupertmurdoch has your legal team advised you to stop tweeting yet? You're very critical for a man in your position," wrote one person.

Another tweeted: "@rupertmurdoch You didn't seem particularly well-prepared for your appearance before the UK parliamentary inquiry."

Two hours later, Murdoch was on Twitter again with an announcement: "AFL-CIO supporting SOPA!"

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He added: "Don't care about people not buying movies, programs or newspapers, just stealing them."

One reader tweeted back: "@rupertmurdoch stop whining dude. it's conduct unbecoming an oligarch like you."

Stay tuned for another installment of "The Mind of the Billionaire" coming to a handheld device near you sometime after the cocktail hour.